The Industry's Leading Guarantees

Receive full value, no questions asked!

A Full One-Year Candidate Guarantee

CRG's unprecedented one-year candidate guarantee is unlike any other in the industry. While most agencies guarantee that a candidate remains in their position for 30 to 90 days, CRG pushes it one step future by protecting your investment for a full year. No matter what the reason is for separation, you are covered.

Always A No Risk Proposition

The most common question we hear from potential clients is... "What if we fill the position on our own? We've already paid you, now what?" Well with CRG's get what you pay for Guarantee, you never lose anything you've paid. If you hire a candidate on your own or even from another recruitment firm, we'll simply place your retainer towards another Search of your choice.

60 Day Quick Placement Guarantee

Facilities choose CRG when the need is urgent and has an impact on their organization. We fill 90% of our Client's openings within 60 days. In fact, if we do not fill it in 60 days, we'll reduce our placement fee by 25%.

Finding the right candidate is easier than you think...

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