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With our lifetime guarantee option, never worry about filling a position again!


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If your hire comes from another source, we'll apply your retainer to any other opening.


Listen to our Clients

University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY

University Physician's Group

"The search was a success and our top choice accepted a position as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in early February."

Amy Berek, CFO

Corsica River
Centreville, MD

Corsica River Mental Health

"We first became aware of Comp Resource Group (CRG) 9 months ago. We were in search of a Psychiatrist/Medical Director. We were signed up with a number of recruitment companies that did not use the retained search approach for almost a year.

Even though we had no referrals, we held out for another 3 months before signing on to use Comp Resource Group. We are very pleased that CRG provided our new Medical Director within months of signing on. We highly recommend using Comp Resource Group for all your recruitment needs."

John Plaskin, Executive Director

Caruso Eye Care
within Target Optical

Caruso Eye Care, within Lake Worth Target Optical

"I chose Comp Resource Group's retained search because of their outstanding reputation. I must say that its been an exceptional experience and would highly recommend them to anyone with a hiring need."

Britney Caruso, OD

Baystate Health
Springfield, MA

Baystate Medical Center / Baystate Health

"My first introduction to Comp Resource Group was almost a year ago. While we did not initially contract with CRG, we remained in contact throughout the year until Baystate’s needs were dire enough that we decided to move forward with Comp Resource Group’s retained search.

Upon contracting with Comp Resource Group, they immediately provided a CRNA to interview, which we quickly moved forward with and hired. After a lengthy search and use of various contingency firms, we simply couldn’t find candidates prior to our engagement with Comp Resource Group.

For anyone that has an urgent or hard to fill position, I would highly recommend using Comp Resource Group for your recruitment needs."

Michael Bailin, Chairman of Anesthesiology

Denver, CO


The experience with Eric and the Comp Resource Group was absolutely great!

In regards to timing, Eric and the team worked extremely fast, and were able to put high quality candidates in front of us in a very timely manner! We were actually surprised that candidates started flowing in so quickly :-)

In regards to budget, Eric was very clear with us early on in regards to the cost of sourcing and placing the candidates, and everything was done 100% according to the budget we aligned on.

Everything worked very smoothly with Eric and the team, and there were no issues or "snags" :-)

The bottom line is that Eric and the Comp Resource Group team were great to work with, and worked with us as a true partner! We had a chance to work with other recruiting groups in the past, and they were WAY WAY better on every front possible, which included communications & transparency, quality of candidates, speed of sourcing candidates, and support in vetting candidates.

You will not regret working with Eric! He's the best out there.

Best of luck with everything

Yoav Mordowicz, Co-founder

War Memorial Hosp.
Saulte Ste. Marie, MI

War Memorial Hospital

"I have had the opportunity to utilize the recruitment services of Comp Resource Group over the past several years. I have found them to be professional and prompt with respect to providing us candidates for our Rehabilitation Department.

We have attempted to recruit our own staff but because of our remote location and the time required to find appropriate professional personnel, we realized that we were losing a significant amount of revenue and unable to accommodate our patients in a timely fashion.

I would highly recommend using Comp Resource Group for your recruitment needs.

Jim Haglund, Vice President of Rehabilitation


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90 Days

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30 Days

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Percentage of our client's positions that are filled within 90 days.

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